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Natural Stone Tiling - Flooring, Bathrooms & Partial Repairs

Tile Marble Granite is your source for professional natural stone tile installation and bullnose fabrication featuring 1/16'' narrow grout joints, as well as tile and grout repair and replacement work in the Brownstown, MI area. Affordable granite, marble, limestone, travertine and slate tile installation is our specialty. Custom made bullnose stone products such as: shower shelves, access panels, skirting, shower niches, large format tile wet room trays and window sills are our signature. Wet and dry granite diamond polishing, on-site cutting and fabrication.   

Reliable and Competent Natural Stone Tile Contractor with Over Two Decades Experience in the Field. 

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Examples of natural stone tile jobs done throughout the years.

Travertine master bathroom tiling

Showroom in Brownstown MI by appointment

Bullnosed granite tile countertop 

These BluePearl granite tiles and tumbled marble were purchased from LOWE'S Woodheaven MI

Bullnosed granite tile window-sill, countertop

Tumble marble backsplash

Blue pearl granite tile countertop

Granite tile flooring, diagonal pattern

Granite floor, bullnosed ledge

Granite kitchen floor

Granite kitchen floor

Bullnosed granite shelves

Bullnosed granite tile countertop

Natural Stone Works In Brownstown MI. Show Room by Appointment

Travertine mosaic tiling
Travertine bathroom floor

Travertine bathroom floor

Limestone wet room

Limestone  walk-in wet room, 100% waterproof

Limestone shower tray

Large format natural stone tile wetroom floor

Shower tray /window sill

Bullnosed windowsill,  shower curb

Limestone window sill

Bullnosed windowsill

Limestone double niches

Bullnosed niches

limestone diagonal

Large format tile limestone  wet room tray

Limestone  shower curb

Bullnosed shower curb

Limestone niche extra size

Limestone, bullnosed niche

Limestone wall  tiling

BullnosedLimestone bathroom

Limestone flooring-bullnose

Bullnosed threshold, 1/16'' narrow grout joints  

Corner shower shelf

Corner shower shelf

Bullnose granite shelf

Bullnosed granite shelf 

Bulnnose porcelain corner shelf

Bullnosed porcelain corner shelf

Bullnosed slate corner shelf

Brazilian black riven slate wet-room 

Slate Shower shelves
Triple slate shower shelves
Slate bullnose shower curb
Slate bullnosed shower curb
Slate wet room tray
Slate wet room shower tray

Bullnosed shower shelves

Good quality tiles could be purchased from local stores, such as Lowe's 

Bullnose porcelain shower shelf

Bullnosed porcelain shower shelf

Diamond bullnose polished ledge

 Diamond bullnosed polished ledge


Bullnosed access panel


Frequent Asked Question

Q: Where do I get corner shelves from?

A: Shower shelves are custom made, on-site bullnosed fabricated. Not available in store. 

Q: Can you supply shower shelves for our project?

A: I do not supply shower shelves, only fabricate them in my own jobs.  

Q: Our tiler could not deliver a high end Thassos marble job. We asked him to bullnose the corners, he mitered them instead, but cheap very often. He never heard of, or seen bullnose before, did not have the right tools to fabricate the bullnose. Wasn't he supposed to know how to work on marble tile? 

A: Tilers often do not know the marble trade, let alone fabricating bullnose. Most of them don't even know bullnose exists. So, I would say, you hired the wrong guy. It happens at large scale.   

Q: How do I know the tiler is experienced enough with stone tiling?

A: You look into their work history. A natural stone contractor should know about bullnose fabrication and work with 1/16'' narrow grout joints. If your preffered contractor cannot perform these services, he is not a genuine natural stone tile installer.  

Q: What is the difference between mitering and bullnose?

A: Mitering is cutting the edge on a 45 degree angle vs bullnosing the intact edge.

Q: Should I miter or bullnose the marble?

A: Bullnose is a must in natural stone jobs, as that leaves the marble edge intact and strong. Looks professional and luxurious vs mitering that weakens the structure of the stone, it would cheap very easily and does not look as elegant as bullnosing.

Carolina Ambida
4:44 PM on July 6, 2017                                                                                                                                                     *****
The tiling work is just amazing and it's a pleasure to look at.  Thanks again for all your hard work.

Best wishes,

Jodie Green
2:51 PM on June 30, 2017                                                                                                                                                   *****
Many thanks for getting back to me. 
Well, your works looks amazing - your clients are very lucky! 

Kind regards, 


4:38 PM on January 2, 2014                                                                                                                                              *****
TileMarbleGranite did my kitchen, hallway and two bathrooms. The work was very professional and looks amazing! I still get tons of compliments years later. I would highly recommend this company to others. 

Rai Agostini
7:30 PM on December 9, 2013                                                                                                                                          *****
Partially refurbished my bathroom. The final job is very good and the finish is excellent. The job overran slightly but that shouldn't overshadow the quality of his work. I'll be using him again for more tiling..